AFFPlaybook Review




Since their introduction in 2009, AFFPlaybook has been the premier Affiliate Marketing training site. Since then, they have grown into the #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Site and the #1 Trusted Affiliate Marketing Site.

Originally AFFPlaybook opened their doors as PPV Playbook but have since expanded on a large scale to encompass several other traffic sources as well.

If You’re looking looking to “get rich quick” then AFF Playbook is NOT for you.

AFFPlaybook focuses in building a long term business and establishing long term relationships with traffic sources, networks and other affiliates. AFF Playbook focuses in building a true long term business and not a fly by night operation.

AFFPlaybook focuses on several different traffic sources. If you are interesting in learning more about PPV/CPV, PPC, Facebook Ads, POF (Plenty of Fish), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Mobile, Media Buying (banner ads), Adult Marketing, Social Media, List Building, Mailing – then AFFPlaybook is probably for you.

In addition to the traffic sources mentioned above, more important AFF Playbook teaches on how to convert that traffic into conversions/sales. This in my opinion is the most important part about Affiliate Marketing, it is very easy to throw traffic at an offer, but unless you have a plan on how to convert that traffic to conversions you are flying blind and just hoping to make money. Strategy and planning in this business is EVERYTHING!

I want you to think of where you currently are in your affiliate business.

  • Are You Brand new to the industry and don’t know where to start?
  • Do You find whatever you do and whatever you try, it just doesn’t work? You end up spending time and money and it never pans out and makes you money?
  • Do you find that you can sometimes make money but cannot figure out how to scale it or make more?
  • Are you currently making money but want to figure out how to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you a seasoned affiliate who just wants to get some help thinking of new ideas and bounce ideas off people?
  • Are you currently using Adsense or another type of income on your site and are making pennies on the dollar?

If Any of the above applies to you, then AFFPlaybook can and will help, you just need to take the next step and let them!

In additional to having all the training that you need to become successful, when you join AFFPlaybook you will also receive access to several key exclusive tools which will save you time (remember, time is money).

What Are YOU Waiting For? AFF Playbook is ready to take you to the next level. Are YOU Ready?

Join AFF Playbook Today and Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Still Thinking About It? Here are a Handful of several hundred Success Stories at AFF Playbook. If they can do it, you can to!

affplaybook success stories


As you can see from the success stories, AFFPlaybook is an investment with a great return. If you Follow the program that AFFPlaybook has laid out, you will not only recoup your investment, you will change your life.

Start YOUR Success Story Today at AFFPlaybook


AFFPlaybook Costs

With the information and coaching provided, AFFPlaybook members are often able to easily make back the cost of the membership within the first month.

Also remember, most states and countries will allow you to write off your AFFPlaybook membership as a business expense. What do you have to lose?


The Current Cost for AFFPlaybook is $67 per month, this works out to be only $2.16 per day. Most people spend more than this on coffee. Are you willing to sacrifice 1 cup of coffee a day to change your life and start your own business and pave the way for your financial freedom?


To Save even more money, you can sign up for a 6 month subscription for $330 for every 6 months, which is only $55 per month. This is ONLY $1.77 per day!


To Save the most, lock in for an entire year for $565. This works out to be only $47 per month, ONLY $1.51 PER DAY!

If you can afford to buy coffee and breakfast each day, you can afford to join AFFPlaybook!

This may seem like a lot of money to some and if you find you cannot afford it, then don’t spend the money! The last thing we want you to do is spend money that you don’t have. If you do have the money and can afford it but you’re still undecided – Remember, No one can guarantee your success, but what I can guarantee you is that hundreds of people have followed the advice on AFFPlaybook and have become successful.

If you’re serious about learning affiliate marketing, invest in the proper training and coaching, position yourself ahead of the competition and more importantly, use the knowledge that you gain to start making money.


What are you waiting for? Earn back your membership fee, write off your membership as a business expense and start making money.