A Simple Way to Do E-mail Submits with PPV Traffic

Alright guys, I’ve seen a fair bit of questions on this recently, so I’m putting together something quick and easy on how to make it work, this will be step/part 1 – depending on interest and participation I may or may not make more..

Step 0 – The Prechecks

Prior to starting this, it’s good to have the following:
– At least 1 domain
Web hosting
– Tracking setup (prosper202 is my choice for people just starting off, if you have the money, then invest in CPV Lab.).
CPA network accounts
– PPV network accounts
– Basic html/php knowledge or at least enough to write a redirect to start
– Basic knowledge of how to track

Step 1 – I need to pick an offer

For this example I am going to look for a well known company/store and try to find an e-mail submit for it, the first thing that comes to my mind is Walmart (mostly as I have a walmart bag right beside me and everyone has heard of walmart.)

So from here I head over to Affiliate Marketing – Find the Best Affiliate Programs and CPA Offers from OfferVault and see which networks have this offer. Or I can check on the networks I am currently a member of to see if there is an offer for this. There are several Walmart e-mail submits so we are in luck!

So bottom line – we have our offer – walmart e-mail submit. Now here’s the other trick, we aren’t going to just limit ourselves to 1 e-mail submit, we are going to gather 4-6 to start, but they all need to be a walmart e-mail (pin, or zip) submit.

Step 2 – Select the PPV traffic source and country

For this one I am going to be traditional and use US traffic as most of the walmart e-mail submits are for US only, from here I can decide which PPV traffic source to start with, we will start with one, then after we see success we will move to others. My recommendation is Trafficvance or Lead Impact.

Step 3 – Landing page or direct link

This is the age old question, both can work, often landing pages make it easier to convert. Since people often tend to start without one, for this example I am going to say direct link. Just remember when direct linking to take a look at the merchants landing page in the window the size of the pop-up (typically 750×550 or 800×600)

Step 4 – Targets (URLs/Keywords

Now, the approach that 19/20 people will take is try to come up with obvious keywords/urls for this.. such as walmart, walmart.com walmart .com, walmart com, wal mart, wal mart.com, wal mart .com, etc..

The problem with this is if so many people do this, the harder it will be to make profit as you will be competing with everyone else.. for this example, we are going to take 1 small step away from this, in google into the search throw in site:walmart.com, this will give you all the results on the domain walmart.com, see an example screenshot below

The other search which may or may not help is searching for walmart gift cards, walmart giveaways, walmart contests, etc.

This should at least get you started, this isn’t really ‘out of the box’, but just a simple way to try to get away from some of the competition, like I said earlier if there is enough interest i’ll do another post and show a few other idea’s on how to get out of the box..

Step 5 – Start your campaign

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to this make is lack of action and just too much focus on blogs and forums, they have their place, but in the end you need action as well. Set the campaign up and get it going. Then after that, setup another campaign, and keep going. Not every campaign will be a success but if you start enough you should see some with potential.

Step 6 – Track everything, and don’t shut it down too soon

The other huge mistake that people new to this make is to shut down the campaign too soon and not track properly. It is imperative that you track everything, when you make a conversion you need to know the target, the date, time, etc – you need to know as much as possible.

The second part is often people will stop the campaign way too soon. There isn’t really a golden way to determine how long to run a campaign, one way you could use for e-mail submits is just watch your amount spent per target, once a target hits the amount that the e-mail submit pays, if you do not have a conversion for that target – pause/delete it.

This is one of the hardest parts of this in my eyes is watching the campaigns and knowing when to stop or modify. Unfortunately it only comes with trial and error in my opinion.

Hopefully this post will benefit and help some people out, I have lots more that I can share – but it all depends on how successful this post is.. good luck everyone!