AFF Playbook Blog

In addition to having the best affiliate marketing forum, AFF Playbook also has a public blog. This blog is available to the general public, no account is required!

Various topics are discussed on the AFF Playbook blog, all are related to affiliate marketing. Some as a straight forward and discussing the AFF Playbook podcasts. Others dive deep into discussions into traffic providers, traffic types, affiliate networks and more.

The affiliate marketing blog scene has gone downhill over the years, some of the bigger bloggers have “sold out” so to speak, others have disappeared. AFFPlaybook brings it back to basics and provides top notch information for nothing.

It doesn’t matter if you want to kill some time, or if you want to learn something – hop on over to the AFFPlaybook Blogs and read up on some industry news.

Your link to the AFF Playbook Blogs is here.