AFFPlaybook Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

AFF Playbook offers a large number of Free podcasts available to the public. In these podcasts, the owner and operator of AFF Playbook (David Ford) walks us through finding success by using different traffic sources (including but not limited to PPV, PPC, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Media Buys, Mobile, SEO and more).

Did I mention that these podcasts are absolutely Free?

Here is a list of current podcasts, and note that they are constantly recording more

  • APB Podcast Episode 1 – What Makes a Successful Affiliate
  • APB Podcast Episode 2 – Ben from POF Ads
  • APB Podcast Episode 3 – Charles Ngo
  • APB Podcast Episode 4 – Charlie Hoehn Author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety
  • APB Podcast Episode 5 – Jason Rubacky
  • APB Podcast Episode 6 – John Monarch
  • APB Podcast Episode 7 – Malan Darras
  • APB Podcast Episode 8 – Eskil Nordhaug Inventor of StayblCam


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