AFF Playbook Members

So, who can you find in the AF FPlaybook forums?

Among the hundreds (if not thousands of active members), several affiliate companies such as Traffic sources, Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Tracking Software companies, etc – take part in the discussions.

Just some of the well known companies which you will find in AFFPlaybook

  • Plenty of Fish (POF)
  • CPV Lab
  • Trafficvance
  • Lead Impact
  • CTRTard
  • Above all Offers
  • Convert2Media
  • Ads4Dough
  • Adsimilis
  • Wolf Storm Media
  • Tracking202
  • CPA Trend
  • W4 Network
  • Load Wrench
  • Beyond Hosting

In addition to these companies AFF Playbook also boasts a large number of super affiliates and celebrity affiliates.

In addition to this, AFFPlaybook also has several staff members and moderators who are ready and available to help you.

The long story short is that AFF Playbook has the backing and help from several successful affiliates and companies which are involved with affiliate marketing that are currently making money online.

Due to this combination you will not only get the best possible information on everything currently happening in the affiliate marketing industry, you will also get several tips and pieces of information on the future of the industry.

Don’t delay. Join AFF Playbook today and start to make your mark on the affiliate marketing industry.