Aff Playbook vs Stack That Money





Unlike several other possible comparisons this is a battle of the big boys! Both AffPlaybook and StackThatMoney are huge players in the affiliate marketing training world. Both are top notch forums and both have top notch owners, both have top notch members, both have top notch tools and training.

Let’s start with the owners. Over at Aff Playbook, we have PPV expert and long term full time super affiliate David Ford. David has been in affiliate marketing for years and has been recognized as one of the top PPV affiliates in the industry. David has also spoken at several affiliate industry conferences such as Affiliate Summit. David also has a huge reputation of going over and above for all members of AffPlaybook.

Over at Stack That Money, they have a team of top notch affiliates running the show – Mr Green, Stackman, Bbrock32, Caurmen, Finch, Maynzie, Zeno, iAmAttila. All of which have their own personalities and specialties.

Next, on to the members. Both training forums (Aff Playbook and Stack That Money) have amazing members. Both have top notch affiliates, affiliate managers, traffic sources, affiliate network owners, tools creators, affiliate tracking companies and up and coming affiliates.

Content – both forums have tons of content. I do find that AffPlaybook tends to update and have new contact more often. Stackthatmoney still has a ton of content, but I find most of it was written previous and isn’t updated as fast as content at Aff Playbook.

Both sites also have many tools. AffPlaybook has Aff Robot and Stack that Money has Aff Expert. Both sites have amazing top notch tools.

Now on to the price. Aff Playbook is priced at $67 per month. StackThatMoney is currently priced at $99 per month.

In our opinion, both are top notch training sites and you cannot go wrong by joining either!