AFF Robot Tools

AFF Robot Tools are exclusive tools created only for AFFPlaybook members.

The amazing thing about these tools is they weren’t created by some designer or programmer that has no idea what we want and need. All of these tools were thought of, designed and created by real affiliate marketers. This should help vouch for the authenticity and usefulness of this tool set. These are not bloated tools just here for the sake of being here, each one serves a purpose and is designed (and proven) to help save you time and make you more money.

Typically one new tool a month is developed and each and every member on the AFFPlaybook forums has a say and input on them.

Here is a list of the current tools, remember, this list will grow quick!

  • PPV Scrapers – Our exclusive URL scrapers are used to quickly collect profitable targets for PPV campaigns. They pull both organic and paid ads do you get the most comprehensive target list possible.
  • Landing Page Builder – This tool is designed to allow you to easily create and customize landing pages with no coding required! There are multiple templates to choose from and all templates are 100% responsive, which means you can use them for any traffic source – even mobile!
  • PPV Spy Tools – These tools lets you spy on the PPV ads being shown for a given target or offer. They are powered by the popular spy tool BoxofAds.
  • Target Expander – This tool is used to create variations of domain targets for your PPV & PPC campaigns. Use it to expand your profitable keywords quickly and efficiently.
  • Keyword List Wizard – This tool is designed to allow you to easily manipulate keyword lists. You can do mashups by prepending and appending other lists. You can sort lists alphabetically, by length, or reverse and shuffle them. You can format lists by removing duplicates, adjusting lower case and upper case, and adding line numbers.
  • Headline Bot – The Headline Bot is a powerful copywriting tool that helps you write headlines and calls to action. This is a great tool to use when split testing headlines, or for thinking up new high converting phrases.
  • Landing Page Clone Bot – This tool is designed to allow you to easily clone any landing page. The tool will automatically download all linked script, images, and other assets and then localize them all. The result is a LP that can be uploaded anywhere and it will work perfectly!
  • Pop-Up Previewer – This tool allows you to see exactly how your landing pages will look to the users who see them. The previews you see are based on pixel-accurate pop-ups that have been seen in the wild — right down to the ad network logos the users might see. So rest assured, these previews are the most accurate available anywhere!
  • PPV Leak Checker – The PPV Leak Checker tool allows you to view your landing pages through the eyes of adware and check for leaks. This is a very important tool for any PPV marketer.

Due to how fast new tools are added, by the time you read this there are likely several new tools already available. These tools are currently available with NO extra change to the AFFPlaybook membership.

Don’t sell yourself short. Not only are you receiving the quality training that you deserve at AFFPlaybook, you are also gaining access to exclusive tools. It’s the ultimate package and.