AffPlaybook $1 Trial



***** NOTE *****

Unfortunately this promotion has ended and Aff Playbook is no longer offering $1 memberships! Please Note, if you follow this Special Link, you can get $10 off your membership!



Well those crazy people at Affplaybook have done it again! They are now offering a $1 trial!

For $1 you receive 3 days of access to select sections of the Aff Playbook forum and site.

You will receive full access to the following sections:

  • The Newbie Corner – When starting out, this is the best place to be, you can ask questions in relation to your current situation. You can see the struggles that others have had and see how they go out of those struggles. Even if you aren’t a “newbie” this is still a great place to learn.
  • Success Stories – Inspiration are your fingertips! This is the place where people brag and boast (or just share) their success. Any success story is welcome, you will see a wide range of success stories ranging from launching a first campaign, to making a first sale, to making $50k profit in 1 month. This is truly inspirational and helps motivate!
  • Aff Robot Tools – Note, this is the forum section for information, news and questions around the Aff Robot tools, this does not include access to the actual tools. This is still a great place to learn about and see what the tools are capable of.
  • Announcements & Contests – Aff Playbook always has a ton of things going on from contests to new features to who knows! 🙂 This is where they keep track of all of this. See the benefits and how the site gives back to the community!

To join Aff Playbook and experience the $1 trial, just follow this special link, and when you click on Join/Sign up, you should see the option highlighted below (APB Forum Trial)



If you are interested, we suggestion you sign up ASAP as we do not know how long they will be offering this trial. It is a limited promotion and could end any day.