Do You Want to Make Money

Do You Want to Make Money?

I know this is a loaded question, but seriously, do you?

Are you currently making money online, but would like to increase how much you’re making? If so, read on!

Are you currently not making money online, but want to start? If so, read on!

So, where do we start? AffPlaybook! Have you heard of them before? I would be shocked if you haven’t! AffPlaybook first opened their doors in 2009, they were one of the first on-going online training programs for affiliate/internet marketing. When I say “on-going”, I mean they aren’t a 1 time deal, some courses offer a single instance where you sit and learn, after this you are on your own. AffPlaybook does not do this. When you join, you get access to all of their training, videos, tools, etc. You keep access to all of these as long as you decide to remain a member. You can review training sections as many times as you’d like, you aren’t limited to a 1 time viewing.

So, what is Affplaybook? They, above all are an online training program for affiliate/internet marketing – in short, they help people make money online. How do they do this?

    • Training Threads – the site is forum based and sorted into many sections, one type of thread you will see is training based, this is where David (the owner) and his staff (called the faculty) will post information to help teach and train members. Keep in mind, this is a forum, however often the forum threads include videos, sound clips, images, etc. It is a very interactive forum.
    • Case Studies, Follow-Alongs – These are my favorite type of threads, this is where either David, the faculty or forum members create their own threads to show their progress on individual campaigns. This allows people to learn and see what is and is not working and also helps give feedback to those who show their work. This is a great way for everyone to benefit.
    • Basic Questions/Answers – In addition to the above, there is also many other types of forums, threads, posts, etc – people can ask for help on certain subjects, or share information on subjects. This includes but is not limited to certain traffic sources (such as PPC, PPV, Facebook, Mobile, Mediabuys, etc), Affiliate Networks, Landing pages, bidding strategies, Traffic Networks, Certain offers or niches and many more.
    • Spy Tools – The forum also includes a unique set of spy tools powered partially by Boxofads. This includes but is not limited to Mobile, PPV, Google, Mediabuys.
    • Landing Page Tools – One thing that seems to challenge many people is creating landing pages. Affplaybook takes ALL of the work out of this. With 1 simple click, you can great a landing page. They even took this 1 step further, they also offer landing pages with populated text, all you do is take it and use it, no work needed! And yes, they do work and work well! They are all tested to ensure they work prior to being published.


That sums up Affplaybook in a nut shell. Who can benefit from AffPlaybook? Anyone who either wants to make money online or anyone who is currently making money online and wants to make more.

Affplaybook is an investment into your own business. If you are just getting started, think of it like this – as soon as you start trying to make money online, you become your own business! With that being said, you can even “write-off” AffPlaybook as business expense.

With that being said, how much is AffPlaybook? The regular price is $67 a month. If you are just starting out, this might seem expensive, however, many courses sell for $97, $197, $997 and more! I guarantee you will never find a better value on what you get back to what you spend than AffPlaybook! If you don’t, you are welcome to ask for a refund!

How much is $67 a month anyways? That works out to be approx. $2.16 a day. How much do you spend on coffee each day? The average north american spends approx. $5 on coffee each 24 hours. Is it worth giving up 1-2 cups of coffee to help start/better your business and make money? If it was me, I would say yes, what do you say?

If you could invest $67 and double it, triple it, or make any more would you? Did you know that many AffPlaybook members each back their membership fee within the first 3 months? If this membership helps make your membership back and more, isn’t it worth it?

Did you know that AffPlaybook has help several people quit their job and make money online full time?

Here is the subject line of only 10 recent success stories:

  • “$250K in 28 Days, selling Hoodies/Tshirts”
  • “$371,051.00 in 3.5 months! YES… it is possible!!”
  • “4.5K$ with Surveys and PPC in first month as affiliate”
  • “First $10k profit month”
  • “100K on Teespring”
  • “First 1,000+ day & first 5 figure month”
  • “Almost $1000 dollars in two days!”
  • “From Newbie 14 Months Ago Joined Affplayblook And Now $500,000 In Affiliate Commision”
  • “YAY! Generated $50K+ in October | Thanks APB”
  • “$7.2k of Teespring revenue in my first month!”

Keep in mind, there are many many more success stories. This is just a random 10 pulled to show you what people are saying. Here is a screenshot of 1 of over 10 pages of success stories.

Keep in mind, the authors of these success stories were sitting in your shoes before, they were unsure of what they wanted to do, they probably went back and forth trying to decide on if it was “worth it” to join Affplaybook. If you were to ask any one of then now, what do you think they would say? Do you think they would rather not have joined? I’m willing to bet that there only regret was not joining sooner!

With that being said, what are you waiting for?

Why not join AffPlaybook RIGHT NOW, and start on your success story?