Hosting and Tracking


Tracking is a very important and integral part of any affiliate marketing campaign. If we do not know the targets that are driving our conversions, the location, the date/time, browser, etc then in most cases we cannot optimize and create a successful campaign. Oh and did I mention that AFFPlaybook has training on ALL of the tracking solutions below?


Voluum [Best]

Voluum might be the new kid on the block in terms of tracking for affiliate offers, but they have already made their mark. One of the most impressive things from a technology standpoint is they use a propitiatory technology to replace databases which means a huge increase of speed and removes another point of failure. Voluum also currently has 4 data centers across 4 different continents, this means crazy stability and up time. Another thing that helps make me sleep better at night is the security at Voluum, the majority of the programmers used to develop the software came from the banking industry, thus the systems have been built to similar specifications as online banking.

Another huge benefit to Voluum is they are pretty much THE tracking solution for mobile. Most other trackers are designed for web visitors. Voluum is designed for both web and mobile.

The price is also another intriguing feature about Voluum, most other trackers and products like this are sold with a base price. Voluum actually charges based on how much traffic is driven through. If you are just starting out, Voluum has a base plan that costs $0. While you slowly build up your campaigns and start making money you will get charged as you start to reach certain thresholds, but this is great for anyone starting out.


CPV Lab [Better]

Regardless of your traffic source, we strongly recommend CPV Lab for your tracking solution. CPV Lab makes it extremely easy to split-test and track all variables, this allows us to review the exact variation that helped our campaign make money. CPV Lab is so good, it’s use has expanded beyond affiliate marketers – merchants, lead generation specialists and agencies are now also using CPV Lab. Along with the amazing information that can be generated by CPV Lab, it is also extremely easy to use. The user interface was designed so that you can literally point and click to get all the information you need. You can also make changes to campaigns on the fly at the click of a button.

Now, you might be asking what’s the catch. The only thing that could seem to be negative is the price. CPV Lab costs $297. With that being said, to us this is actually a plus. The price tag makes this product more exclusive and the money goes right back into development of the product. Upgrades and support are FREE the first year, additional years of upgrades and support can be purchased as a discounted rate. The other good thing about this price is with all the features and tracking capability of CPV Lab, you will likely regain this money back in your campaigns shortly after purchasing it. The data that you can collect with CPV Lab is top notch and is industry leading.

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Prosper 202 [Good]

If you cannot afford CPV Lab, then we recommend you look into Prosper202 1.7.2 (the last free version of Prosper202). Prosper has been around longer than any other widely used tracking platform.


Bevo Media

Another good free tracking platform is Bevo Media. Bevo has been around for almost as long as Prosper202 and they are constantly adding more products to compliment their tracking platform.



In addition to tracking, the other very important part of Affiliate marketing is hosting. You need to make sure you have a good host so that you do not lose traffic. Shared Hosts like GoDaddy and Hostgator are often enough for the average person just creating a basic website however if you are intending on using your website to generate income, we strongly recommend you use a VPS or Dedicated Server. If you are using PPV traffic then a VPS is the minimum, if you try to use Shared Hosting then chances are you will lose a fair bit of your traffic and thus you are spending money on the traffic for nothing.

Our VPS/Dedicated server provider of choice is Beyond Hosting. They have several plans that can fit the needs of anyone. If you are just starting out, Beyond Hosting has a very reasonably price Start VPS Package which will give you a huge upgrade over shared hosting.

The Support from Beyond Hosting is also top notch, I’ve never seen faster responses from support teams before joining them.

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