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I know when some people think of AffPlaybook, they think of PPV. Many people miss the fact that AffPlaybook has information for several other traffic sources such as PPC (pay-per-click).

Did you know that Aff Playbook has well over 4000 threads dedicated solely to PPC (pay-per-click) Traffic? Think about that, if you only read 1 thread per day on PPC (we are hoping you will read more than 1 per day) it would take you 11 years to read all the content for PPC traffic. Again, we really hope that if you do join that you read more than 1 thread per day, but we wanted to make sure you understood how much information that really is. To top it off, there are more threads on this being added daily.

Even better – Several of the case studies, lessons and follow-along’s are about PPC. This means you get to see PPC applied to real world scenarios and see what has worked, what does work and what will work.

Are you a beginner with PPC traffic? Are you an intermediate affiliate? Are you a super affiliate with PPC traffic? Regardless of where you currently stand, there is TONS of information on Aff Playbook to learn.

Never used PPC and looking for something new? Why not give it a try? PPC is one of the oldest paid traffic sources and is still alive and doing well to this day!

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