Spy on Your Competition with Aff Playbook and Box Of Ads

If you have researched PPV Spy tools, you may have heard of Box of Ads by now. They are one of the top PPV spy tools.

You may or may not agree with the idea of spying on the competition, but at the end of the day – it does give you a competitive advantage. If others are doing it, it is in your best interest to do so as well.

Currently Box of Ads costs between $147 to $246 a month, it may seem expensive but the information it provides can be priceless.

Lucky for us, Aff Playbook has teamed up with AffRobot and Box of Ads to offer a limited edition of Box of Ads for their members.

All members of Aff Playbook have access to the Affrobot tools and have access to the limited edition of Box of Ads. This means for a mere $67 a month, you can spy on the competition. Of course you still get access to all of the other awesome features at AffPlaybook such as the forums, training material and other tools.

Let’s have a quick peak of the Aff Playbook Box of Ads spy tool.

First, there is a “PPV target spy”. This lets us type in a target of our choice, this can be a keyword or url and the tool will return landing pages and urls of the tracker and offer of the landing page.

I have greyed out the target, tracker and lander fields. When you use the tool, they are not greyed out. As you can see, this tool will return a screenshot of the langing page, the target which triggered the popup, the tracking url, the landing page, and the first and last seen on dates. I have only displayed 1 result below, however the tool will return multiple results.



The second type of search you can perform is “PPV Offer spy”. In this search, you take the url of an offer and you can see what people are using as targets and the landing page, tracker and landing page of these.




Again, I have greyed out the target, tracker and lander – but this is fully viewable when you use the tool and I have only shown 1 result, the tool will normally return several.

I have personally used these tools to not only help me create new campaigns but also optimize existing campaigns to make them more profitable. The amazing thing is these are included with your AffPlaybook membership! Even if you just joined Aff Playbook for this tool, I’m confident you would make your monthly membership back just on the tips and ideas you can get from this.